Tuesday, April 2, 2013


RATING : 5 Stars

Well, I needed something light and fun read after all my hectic deadline works. I was browsing through books in library and found this amazing book. I'll admit that I was drawn by its cover (I love cotton candy).  Yes, there goes the saying don't judge a book by its cover and this thought made me look up into Goodreads. I found out that this book had raving comments. Thanks to all the Goodreads reviewers, and I am glad that  I picked up this book. It is a perfect summer read when you want to sit back with lemonade and crack open a good book. But I picked it up  in the middle of winter. Regardless of what time of the year you read this book, you will completely enjoy the story.  

Candace Thompson expects to spend her summer vacation by hanging out with her best friend Tamara and shopping before she is a senior. She is dejected when her father forces her to apply for summer job at the local amusement park called The Zone. She takes up the job as a cotton candy machine operator. Candace meets new friends and the experiences at The Zone makes her love her job by the day. She experiences little friction with Tamara - I didn't like Tamara at certain moments. Candace meets a mysterious Lone Ranger at The Zone and love blossoms between them - this sounded cliched. She experiences little friction with Tamara and eventually  she learns the value of true faith and friendship.

This book clearly depicts what a teenager would go through. It's the first book in the Sweet Seasons series. Easy summer read. By Debbie Viguie's writing  you can  relate to the characters.  This book put a smile on my face when i reached the end of the book. It is full of fun and excitement. I loved taking the journey with Candace and her friends in the Amazing amusement park. Viguie's details about the park sparks you the idea of  taking  a trip to the local theme park with friends. This is first book of Viguie I have ever read and I can assure that it wouldn't be the last. I would recommend this book to all Teens and adults who prefers something light and fluffy read. I completely devoured it and can't wait to finish the series. 


  1. Hey, Nice Blog..!! Saw you on goodreads.com

    I've clicked to 'join this site' and follow you. Would really appreciate a click follow back @


    Many thanks and all the best. Look forward to reading.


    1. Thanks.. I'll definitely drop by and follow you.. :-)

  2. Lovely! You are right about the cover, it is pretty and it seems like the perfect summer read. Good for us, we have summer here in India and this seems like THE book to read for you. I'm glad I'm stopping by your blog today, I'm discovering some amazing books, Iniya! Awesome review! :) Glad you enjoyed this one (even though you read it in winter). :P

    Sarika @ The Readdicts

    1. Thanks Sarika.. I'm glad that i found an amazing blogger from my home country.. :) Way to go.. your blog is great..

  3. Oh my goodness, LOVE this book! I'm glad you enjoyed it, too. The whole series is awesome.


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