Monday, May 13, 2013

The Selection by Kiera Cass ( The Selection # 1)

RATING : 3.75 Stars

I got The Selection by Kiera Cass on a whim to read during my study break. Quite frankly I started with trepidation because of the all the mixed reviews and it's a Dystopia. Dystopia has never been my friend. I surmise I should change my thoughts towards Dystopian Genre after reading The selection. In my opinion, it's an amalgamation of The Hunger Games and The Bachelor (Tv series).  Although i had certain issues with the story, I was completely swept by the plot line. I liked the world Kiera Cass created. I ended up giving The Selection 3.75 of 5 stars rating.

The Selection is the story of selecting a Princess from thirty five girls(one from each province), set in the Dystopian society of Illea. Selecting the Princess will be decided by Prince Maxon (with the help of his family and advisors). Prince Maxon, hands down, an adorable and handsome person I'd ever met in my life. I'm totally swoon over Prince Maxon. *blushes*.

The dystopian world of Illea has been divided into "Castes". The Castes go from 1 through 8, 1 being the royal family and 8 are seen as scum of the earth. The protagonist America Singer, falls into the caste 5 (artists) and she is a singer. One girl from each province will be picked out at random to participate in the selection. America is one among the thirty five girls selected and she is forced by her mom to enter the selection and that means turning her back on her clandestine love with Aspen.

You might be wondering why 3.75 of 5 stars. Lets get to that now. Quite frankly I didn't like Aspen and I still don't. When Aspen and America get all lovey-dovey, I wanted to shout STOP, protesting their mawkish behavior. Also it was slow to start with but it did get better halfway through. Nevertheless of the qualms I liked the story because of Prince Maxon's  demeanor towards everyone especially with the selected girls. I'm Team Maxon all the way. There was a little twist in the story towards the end which i didn't expect and I assume it will all be answered later in the series. The ending was a cliff hanger.

All in all, The Selection was a good read. I would be picking up the sequel, The Elite soon. If you have enjoyed the Tv series The Bachelor I'm quite sure you'll like this book. Although you don't like Dystopia I would suggest you to give it a shot.


  1. This had been on my to-read list FOREVER! Great review ;)

  2. This sounds fairly good. I'm sorry that the beginning was slow for you, though. It can ruin a whole story, so I'm glad that you actually ended up likin' it! I love the idea of The Selection, but I'm not so sure I want to read it just yet, LOL! Awesome review, girly! (:

    Megan@The Book Babe

  3. Great review! Im adding this now to my TBR!

  4. Thanks for the honest review. I've read so many different reviews that either love it to pieces, or hate the crap out of it. Yours seems so balanced. I think I need to read this book for the sake of forming my own opinion:)

  5. I started reading this one but couldn't finish it. I couldn't stand America whining "I don't want to go" but she is going. "oh, everybody is so beautiful, what am I doing here?" Duh, obviously she is beautiful too!

  6. YES, YES and YES! Great review! I really loved Maxon the most in this book for someone with such a immense about out power and responsibility he truly has no idea what hes doing . It was real and frank .

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